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Please feel free to print any of the available energy saving tools/labels designed to facilitate business and influencers including individuals to take action.

When advertising your Business or organisation in greenwithme directory you will be required to display some signage combined with certain Implementations. 

Details of the appropriate sign to use is automatically provided as you make your symbols selection. PDF downloadable at the bottom page in the long description.

We recommend that the labels be laminated to ensure their durability especially when used in bathrooms and/or humid places.

Thank You

Your greenwithme Team.



Please affix the Carpooling roster at the Refrigerator Door in your workplace. ( Ideal to talk about it at Lunch or over Coffee break)

Recycling Bin sticker sheet

Make the signage long lasting by laminating them.

Liver Tab Sticker Sheet

Ideal sticker to save and remind lever tap users of the potential energy wastage occurring unknowingly. Consider laminating each label to make them long lasting.

Please Switch Off Light Labels

Consider laminating each label to make them long lasting.

Please No junk Mail Sign

Every "No Junk Mail" Label should be individually laminated. You can also send one of this labels to somebody you know.

Reuse Boxes sign

Apply the label on printed boxes or reverse the boxes you reuse. Cut the box open where it joins and re-tape in it's reverse form. Apply the box recycled label and save for everybody. Our label will inform the recipient why you did this.

Engine off in traffic jams

Affix the label on the dash-board of your cars.

Plastic Bag Recycling Box

Apply this label to a cardboard box, make a slot and start collecting all plastic bags. When full empty at a larger collection station.

Air-conditioned Premises

Affix the lable on all your business access doors.

Occupational Health Environmental Responsibility and Safety

Please affix this sighn to your shopfront ASAP as you come to join Greenwithme. OHER&S stands for Occupational Health Environmental Responsibility and Safety, a registered trademark of greenwithme. In Australia, it is a legal requirement that company's adhere to the OH&S guidelines (Occupational Health and Safety) with an appointed officer. OHER&S is designed to address the safety aspects as well as the environmental practices which minimize running costs and seek solutions to socially responsible issues. The intent of OHER&S is to bring continuously updated community generated energy saving strategies to the business sector. Business and company's can gradually incorporate and showcase their environmental responsible actions for the collective health and safety for a sustainable future, offering savings, generating skills and attract new investors.