After having listed your services make sure you are displaying the OHER&S sign visibly to your customers, as you now are participating in minimizing your environmental impact by providing your services ethically and in an Environmental Responsible manner.
The sign will direct your customers to our site, where they can find you again.


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Urgent help is needed in repairing our Worldwide Climate.
On the check-out you will have the opportunity to further contribute by purchasing a tree for an amount of $ 27.50
This tree is managed, planted, cared for and protected through your contribution, you will receive a receipt of the total payed including a tree planted certificate. 

Your payment is allowing us to further highlight your business and to further promote our good intentions worldwide so that together we bring gradual effective and least disruptive change to support our ecology and economy trough efficiency and innovation. 

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The Business Directory Popular amongst the Joung up and comming Generation who will only deal with Business who is taking action to bring new Technologys onto the Market including new Jobs for their future.
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Your action will also show others that you are willing in seeing change being made and urging others to participate and using greenwithme DIRECTORY for a better future FOR US ALL. We rely on your social media effort.

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