Finding A Service.

Because greenwithme is new, we also would like to provide you all the goods and services as other providers do, we suggest you find the needed attention by another directory for when you are unsuccessful here, we would like that you contact the service you are seeking through your conventional source and hope that you will spread the greenwithme word to those people you think could be interested, or to your work colleagues, you can also use the social networks available so that we can improve the service to you and to speed up the Co2 reduction. We aim to enlist enough green minded businesses so that our directory will be a complete one-stop-shop for your customers and each of our advertisers. 

When you introduce us to another like-minded business please contact us via email, also if you have any suggestions for the promotion to achieve success of this web site, every suggestion and connection is much appreciated. For any other great ideas and thoughts use our blogging section or if you think your have a great idea that other people can benefit from, simply bank the idea in the idea bank under the relevant and available category.


Using Our Service

Users of greenwithme use the service provided to advertise goods and services online. As a joining condition it is important that businesses advertising on greenwithme  will implement a minimum of  one action each year. When your options expire, simply select and display the red tick symbol, greenwithme will contact you and suggest a number of other options to you available once you reach this point, and this all commitment free. Keep advertising in greenwithme.com for years to come for a great future ahead by supporting your customers, your community and the Planet.

Business And Services Details

All relevant business details and contacts will be displayed. There will be a location/map of the advertising display page with details of the environmental credentials the business has already achieved with information regarding the future aims of the business.  Also it allows anybody to connect, interact and collaborate on future solutions and projects.

Advertising Cancellation

An individual or organisation can withdraw their advertisement at any time by logging into their entry and selecting delete. greenwithme will not refund or credit any funds for payment of advertising which has not been used. 

Proof of Identity

An individual or organisation is required to fill out all fields available on the joining page, when applying for advertising.  The ABN or ACN Company Registration number will be used to identify fraud or improper use.

Advertiser Responsibility

The advertiser is responsible for contact details mistakes including spelling mistakes, and all other details provided for the advertisement. greenwithme is not liable for any errors on artwork or text submitted by the advertiser. We recommend all information be checked for accuracy prior to your submission.

Changing Advertising details

By logging into your account and selecting “edit” you can perform alterations to your account.

Public Forum

All comments are welcome on our public forum.  All posts should be conducted in language that can be understood by others. Swearing and rude comments are not allowed and can result in a user being banned from participating on greenwithme.

Where do implementations symbols apply?

Implementation only apply to the premises, dwellings, factory,vehicles, etc., the business, company, organisation or institution is conducting business from.

How Many Symbols Do I Have To Implement?

Advertisers must implement a minimum of one symbol per calendar year (12 months). Have a good look around and see how many you already have addressed in the past, you can tick them all in the add Business joining page. Different businesses will have different types of implementations available to them, when your options expire, simply select the red tick symbol. After this symbol is selected we will contact you to congratulate you and to offer other options open to you if interested, all to gain recognitions and ability to demonstrate your environmental responsibility commitment towards your customers further.

Symbol conditions

You can find the symbol’s conditions by simply moving the cursor over the any symbol anywhere or with your finger if you have a touch screen.

Implementation Symbol Claim

Claiming a completed implementation means the business/company has complied with the symbol’s conditions prior to lodging the advertisement. If the implementation requirement is not met, or not yet complete, the organisation should not select or use the symbol.     

Claiming Implementations

False or misleading information can result in the advertisement withdrawal without compensation from greenwithme.com and result in a ban from advertising with greenwithme in the future.

Implemented to date

All symbols displayed on your right hand side of your advertising section are symbols that you have implemented to date.  At least one implementation must be completed each year as a condition of joining. 

Following year Implementation interest

Following year Implementations interest symbols should not be listed if the business / company or organisation is not seriously intending to gather information for their following year options, however if a business is seeking advice or likes to collect quotes, it can display the envelope symbol by ticking the box in the joining page. You can change this at any time, simply login to your account, activate or deactivate when satisfied with your enquires or quotes gathered.

Implementation Execution

No implementations should be executed or carried out if the implementation in question requires a tool including any ladders or reaching aids of any kind. Also any other aid of any shape form or size. Anyone intending to implement any energy saving option or implement any action muss seek professional advice. 

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is a now proven occurrence caused by direct and/or indirect human activity, causing alteration of the composition of gasses making up the thin layer surrounding the globe known as our atmosphere. The earth’s atmosphere is comparable to the thickness of one coat of clear varnish applied on the average size dining table. Climate change is a phenomenon that causes the alteration of this coat. The degree of alteration of the atmosphere that we are experiencing today has reached the point where the earth, fauna and flora, would not have been able to form, develop or evolve. Altered in recent years, causing extreme weather patterns, resulting in the extinction of many animal species and a variety of insects, it also causes imbalance in the food chain. Nature is now jeopardised to the point where it has no longer the ability to self-adjust or recover without drastic alterations in human activity to help decrease drastic climate and temperature changes. In other periods when this happened over longer extended periods of time, nature was able to adapt and recover from natural changes. Today, changes are occurring much faster and without human help, the effect of the high content of Co2 in the atmosphere will have devastating outcomes. Humanity has the ability to reduce waste and their emissions. Science has proven that the Co2 content in the atmosphere is causing this phenomenon today. Including other contributing gases emitted by human activity, Co2 is the most emitted today and is causing serious effects to the entire ecosystem, threatening our survival.


What is a Carbon Footprint?

Carbon footprint is the total sum of carbon emissions generated by anyone's activity caused directly or indirectly by making use of any product, goods or services, generally over a period of twelve months unless otherwise specified. The carbon footprint can be minimised and remarkably reduced by any individual willing to participate. The way to start instantly and most effectively is by speaking to your electricity provider to see if they can provide a partial or complete green power solution. Green power is electricity generated from alternative energy power generation plants.


What is Carbon Offset?

Carbon offset is a definition to describe an action which is equally compensating a carbon dioxide emitting activity with another carbon dioxide emitting activity. This can be achieved through a financial donation, for instance for the purpose of planting trees, offsetting your emissions through the future reduction that the tree provides.

What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Carbon neutral describes a business, company or household or individual, where the carbon dioxide emission levels are reduced to an absolute minimum by signing up with an  electricity company which is producing or purchasing and reselling electricity derived from a renewable energy source. Reducing energy consumption is also another required step in becoming carbon neutral. Furthermore it is required that remaining carbon emissions which are not possible to reduce by the business, company, household or individual be dealt with by contracting a tree-planting organisation to plant trees on your behalf to offset the remaining emissions. This last step will ultimately give you an official carbon neutral certification.  

What is a Carbon Tax?

Carbon tax is a charge based on the amount/weight of carbon contained and generally described as carbon content in a substance. The carbon tax is charged on oil, natural gas, coal and fossil fuels.  

What causes the Greenhouse Effect?

Greenhouse effect on planet earth is a phenomenon that occurs when infrared radiations from the sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere and when, instead of being reflected back into space remain trapped in the atmosphere causing a gradual increase of the Earth’s atmospheric average temperature, and also the temperature of the sea and the fragile Earth’s crust. Due to the greenhouse effect, we have the so-called global warming phenomenon. This is mainly caused by the release of a series of gaseous substances into the atmosphere.  

What is Greenhouse Gas?

A series of gases are defined as being greenhouse gases - for example, methane, hydro fluorocarbons, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, sulfur hexafluoride and perfluorocarbons. These substances are part of a strict code and part of a list of controlled substances which governments worldwide are addressing in legislation to impose strict guidelines on in order to prevent accidental or deliberate emissions.  

What is the Kyoto Protocol?

The Kyoto protocol is an international legally binding agreement which came into being on 16th February, 2005 for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

is the GHG Inventory?

GHG stands for green house gas; a GHG inventory is a breakdown of Co2 emitting activities of a business or organisation.


What is the GHG Protocol?

The GHG Protocol is the most popular international accounting tool acquired by governments, business leaders and organisations to quantify, understand and manage green house gas emissions. 


What does Co2-e mean?

Co2-e is the sum of carbon emission generated by the activities of a business, organisation or individual.  

What are the NGA Factors for?

NGA stands for National Greenhouse accounts factors, NGA Factors have been designed by the Department of Climate Change for the purpose of allowing business, companies, institutions and individuals to submit and report their greenhouse gas emissions to a number of government programs. 

What does EMS stands for?

The Environmental management system is the standard tool designed to facilitate organisations in managing and implementing environmental protection measures.

What is the ISO 14000?

The International Standards Organisation ( ISO 14000 ) contains a number of voluntary standards. These are continuously updated in order to facilitate and assist organisations to achieve financial and environmental gains by implementing environmental management systems.